Marc Jeanmougin

14, impasse de la Grive
31240 L'Union
Tel: +33 (0)
Born in 1990
French: native
English: fluent
Driving license


2018- Research engineer at Télécom ParisTech
2014-2017 PhD at Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (Paris)
2009-2014 Student of the École normale supérieure (Paris)
2010-2012 Student of the École normale supérieure (Paris) following the MPRI (Parisian Master of Research in Computer Science), graduated in 2012 with honors
2009-2010 Student of the École normale supérieure (Paris) Bachelor of Science in computer science. (L3)
2007-2009Student in classe préparatoire MPSI / MP* at Pierre de Fermat Toulouse, with L1 - L2 at university Paul Sabatier (Toulouse III)


Projects and Internships:

2014-2017PhD in bioinformatics at CNAM (Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers)
Writing scripts, performing data analysis on genomic data (Genome Wide Association Studies), studying the HLA region.
2013-2014Development of Selvage
Selvage is a personal project of a realtime collaborative SVG editor, in HTML+Javascript and Python, using WebSockets. (
20136-month internship at University of Auckland, working on modeling steganography
Steganography is the art of hiding the mere existence of a communication (opposed to crypto which is hiding the content). With Prof. C. Thomborson, we tried a theoretical approach based on game theory concepts.
20126-month internship at LIAFA (University Paris 7), working on checkability in the wait-free model
The wait-free model is a model where you cannot distinguish a failed process from a slow one (delays can be arbitrary). My work with Prof. P. Fraigniaud was to study a model based on algebraic topology structures for a certain class of distributed tasks (colorless tasks).
20115-month internship at University of Connecticut, working on the Write-all / Do-all problem
The do-all problem consists in doing a set of tasks with processors subject to crash failures (all-but-one). I reviewed a range of algorithms on several settings in collaboration with Prof. A. Shvartsman, and studied the case where new processes can join the computation.
20103-month internship at INRIA: parallelization of a 3d-meshing algorithm from the CGAL C++ library
The CGAL library implements a 3d-Meshing algorithm. My contribution was to study it and find a way to parallelize this algorithm (using OpenMP), with a lock system to prevent concurrent access to memory. This work was under supervision by Prof. S. Pion.
2010Coding a compiler from typed lambda-calculus with modules to MIPS, in Ocaml+Ocamllex+Menhir
2010Conception and simulation of a 8-bit microprocessor based on MIPS

Programming languages: