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Welcome to my webpage!

My name is Marc Jeanmougin, and I'm a student in computer science in Ecole Normale Supérieure. I very recently got my Master degree with the honors “magna cum laude”.

I'm interested in many fields, especially distributed computing but also a bit of foundations of computer science, and a lot more topics are of potential interest to me though i know pretty much nothing about them (robotics, advanced computer security, webdesign, 3D, game development...).

You can find my resume here.


I did several interships, at INRIA, UConn, University of Auckland and LIAFA.

During my scolarity at ENS, I had the occasion to make various course projects: code a compiler, simulate a microprocessor, and publish a paper on Arxiv...

I also followed a course in medieval history, latin epigraphy, hieroglyphs, origins of justice in the middle ages, scientific reasoning in the middle ages.

I have a pet project which is a mix between inkscape and etherpad

My PGP id is F882B07A.


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