What is it?

Selvage is an in-browser collaborative SVG editor inspired by Inkscape. (However, it is not affiliated with Inkscape or the Inkscape foundation.) You can create an SVG image in-browser and collaborate with the users who are on the same page. For now, only Firefox is supported.

It is implemented client-side using the Javascript and the <svg> element, and server-side using Python and Tornado. Client-server communication uses Websockets.

Warning: This is alpha software. All drawings created now may be lost, many features are unpolished or missing.


Known bugs and TODOs

Support for other rendering engines (such as Webkit) is planned. Note that control+mousewheel zoom will not be supported under Chrome until their bug 111059 is fixed.

Bugs regarding the features from the above list and under Firefox should be reported on the bug tracker.

My plans for the next features are indicated on notes_todo.txt for my priorities, and the code is available on gitorious. Suggestions and/or pull requests are welcome.

Marc Jeanmougin